When we talk about everything that the Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana offers, we also mean that it is an environment conducive to planning family vacations, the idea is not to be overwhelmed by having to deal with taking children on vacation, the idea of ​​the hotel is that each and every family member has an experience worth remembering, so parents should not worry about anything, because the hotel offers an excellent service specially designed for the protection of children while they are guarantors of fun and good times. Among the activities offered by the hotel for children, we find:

  • Kidz Bop: the world's most recognized music brand for children, has partnered with the hotel so that children enjoy a backstage pass to stardom, in this place, which has been created within the hotel premises, where children can live the experience of transforming into superstars, with activities such as creating the name of their own band, learning different types of dance steps, selecting rock star costumes, performing on stage, taking photos … in short , the experience of a whole world especially dedicated to everything related to musical stardom.


  • Game Center: it is a suitable place for children to entertain themselves for hours, since the room offers a wide selection of games that even parents can also enjoy, live the excitement and fun that this room provides, is a of the favorite activities of the little ones, among its novelty is the laser tag with which you can compete with friends and family.



  •  Lazy River and Family Pool: in this activity, children can enjoy floats that will take them through the stream of water that the hotel has created, heading towards the family pool that offers a fun environment based on slides, music and activities for children under 16 years.


  • And finally, we find mini golf: in this activity, the little ones will be able to create mini golf game competitions with anyone without having to use golf carts or special shoes, in this way, this game is conducive for the Children enjoy in total fun a day of outdoor games.

In this way, it is evident that the Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana has thought of everything for the comfort of its guests, creating an environment in which everyone can enjoy and relax without any inconvenience and without giving way to No type of concern, since the staff working there, has been specially trained to provide the guest with the best comfort and the best possible service, you should not take care of anything, that is the job of the hotel staff, the guest should only worry for having a good time and living the experience fully.

So, bring your children! It will not be a problem