Johan Garcia Rutkaus and his new bookshelf collection

The interior designer Johan Garcia Rutkaus is currently collaborating on a new bookshelf line with designer and co-author Jon Schacman and photographer Raúl Peñas. Johan Garcia Rutkaus is in the process of selecting the most refined and delicate materials in the market to produce the best bookshelves. 
What materials are best for Johan Garcia Rutkaus’ vision
Johan Garcia Rutkaus with his co-author Jon is using solid wood and metal as their main materials. They have sourced oak from local companies to support their community. The main wood that Johan Garcia Rutkaus is using is oak for its durability and beautiful grain. Oak is also sturdier than some other hardwoods, such as mahogany.
Johan Garcia Rutkaus and his secret weapon for creating ageless works of art
But they do use mahogany in their works for its natural reddish brown color that darkens with time. Mahogany is more expensive but in Johan Garcia Rutkaus’ opinion fully worth its price. Metal in his work is not used solidly for support but also to add depth and interesting character to his work. Johan Garcia Rutkaus has described his work as ageless and one of a kind. 
The source of inspiration for Johan Garcia Rutkaus
The designer has taken inspiration from his travels all over the world. Therefore in Johan Garcia Rutkaus’ new works you can see touches of Morocco and even China. He has also decided to play with difficult shapes making his work very unique. All of the works in the new collection are handmade by Johan Garcia Rutkaus and Jon Schacman.

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