Juan Pablo Phoenix Ferreira’s secret place

The interior designer Juan Pablo Phoneix Ferreira keeps all items and goods he has created over the years in his office. Juan Pablo Phoneix Ferreira also has a warehouse next to his office where there are more items he has purchased or built along his career. Those pieces are his creation and Juan Pablo is very fond of them.
Public can now visit Juan Pablo Phoneix Ferreira’s studio
Juan Pablo Phoneix Ferreira’s office is rich in graphic and architectural memorabilia, in addition to many original pieces from the military, sports, fashion, and art world. Also, because of the integration of friends and family, the office has such a wide range of things that visitors can look through. There is a museum that allows visitors to look through all Juan Pablo Phoneix Ferreira works, watch videos, photographs, and more.
Juan Pablo Phoneix Ferreira never gets rid of his creations
Juan Pablo Phoneix Ferreira’s items hold a lot of sentimental value. Even when they are not worth much, the talented artist cherishes them. These objects are never thrown away but recycled and reused for another work. Juan Pablo Phoneix Ferreira’s studio is a wonderland of art-making where anything is possible. 
Visiting Juan Pablo Phoneix Ferreira’s Home
Juan Pablo Phoneix Ferreira spent many years in his summer residence in the south of Italy from 1980 to 1998. His house is now open to the public and available for tours between March 20 and August 29 to coincide with his most popular exhibition at the Art Museum. Juan Pablo Phoneix Ferreira’s exhibition, with more than 90 works, include paintings and drawings. 
Admission: 7 euros

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